Attached Earlobes

What It Means To Have Attached Earlobes


Do you have attached earlobes? Or, does the bottom part of each of your ears hang free of your face, which means you have what would be called free earlobes. Look around you. What kind of earlobes do members of your family or your friends have? If you have one type of earlobes and someone else has the other type, who is the smarter of the two, or who is most apt to have bad luck?

Do You Have A Criminal Mind?


Believe it or not, there are those who have devoted a great deal of time in an attempt to find the some meaning with respect to the way a person’s ears are configured. Some of the results coming from these studies can be quite interesting. Some of these so-called findings have also opened the door to the publishing of a number of satirical articles about the meanings behind one’s earlobes. For example, one of these articles goes to great lengths to explain how attached earlobes indicate the owner of those ears has a criminal mind. It’s all in jest of course.


Still, there are those who have studied the geometry of earlobes quite seriously, and there’s no doubt that a few still do. There’s a saying in the sciences, and in business as well, and it goes like this:


If you torture data long enough, it will tell you whatever you want it to.


Do You Possess Great Wisdom?


The Buddha had very long ears, with the earlobes hanging free. That should indicate that if you have very long earlobes, you should possess great wisdom. The fact is, if you have earlobes as long as those of Buddha, you may or may not be wise, but could definitely serve as a topic of conversation among your friends.


How We Get The Earlobes We Have


What science does tell us is that our earlobes are inherited. The shape of the earlobes is genetically determined. It’s believed to be a pair of genes, one inherited from each of your parents, that’s responsible, but that still remains to be proven, as it may be possible that more than one gene is involved. The gene that causes a person to have attached earlobes is a recessive gene. The gene that causes a person to have free earlobes is a dominant gene. Whether you have inherited dominant earlobe genes or recessive earlobe genes says nothing about your personality, your intelligence, your inherited talents, or anything else. These genes determine the shape of your ears, and nothing more.


The way the genes work is something like this:


–     If you’ve inherited a dominant (free earlobe) gene from your mother, and a dominant gene from your father, you will have free earlobes.


–     If you’ve inherited a recessive (attached earlobe) gene from your father, and a dominant gene from your mother, you’ll also have free earlobes, since the dominant gene takes priority.


–     Similarly, if your father contributes a dominant gene and your mother a recessive gene, you will have free earlobes. Again, the dominant gene again takes priority.


–     Would you rather have earlobes that are attached? In that case you need to inherit a recessive gene from your father, and also a recessive gene from your mother.


Does that mean you have one chance in four of being born with attached earlobes, and that will definitely be the case if both of your parents have earlobes that are attached? The answer is – No.  The reason the answer is no is that both of your parents have both kinds of genes, and how you come into the world depends on which type of gene, recessive or dominant, each of your parents have chosen to contribute. Obviously, your parents do not really have a choice over which genes they will contribute. Both may have earlobes that are attached, while yours hang quite free. Conversely, both of your parents may have free earlobes, but both still would have a recessive gene they could contribute, and if so, it would leave you with attached earlobes.


There are some characteristics we definitely inherit, others we are not sure if we’ve inherited, and still others that don’t seem to have anything to do with genetics. As far as the ears are concerned, genetics does play a role as to the whether our earlobes are free or attached, whether the ears are pointed at the top, whether they lie flat against the neck, whether they stick out, as well as whether they contain lots of hair or only a little hair.


Are You Elf-Like?


Looking into the various theories as to the meaning of the shape of the ears can make for an interesting evening’s reading. If your ears are pointed, it’s supposed to mean that you are a creative and independent person, although your friends may simply say you are elf-like. If your earlobe is attached and it is not fleshy, it means you experienced an unhappy childhood, which would be something you would be able to either verify or disprove. If your ears stick out, you’re best suited for outdoors work, and you really aren’t all that close to your parents. If cartilage in your ears his bent out of shape, it means you took up boxing at some point in your life.


Only the last example given may have some truth to it. The list goes on and on.